Strata Property

Act, Regulations, Forms and Standard Bylaws

Many sections of the Act reference the Regulations, and each section of the Regulations will always reference the specific section of the Act that it relates to. You should therefore, consult both the Act and the Regulations to determine the complete requirements of the Act. For example, section 103 of the Strata Property Act relates to the preparation of a budget. Section 103 (3)(a) states that the budget and financial statement must contain the information required by the Regulations. Section 6.6 of the Regulations lists the information that the budget must contain. As a result, in order to prepare a budget as required under the Strata Property Act , it would be necessary to obtain and review the Regulations.

Paper copies of the Regulations are purchased separately from the Act. If you are purchasing a copy of the Act, you should ensure that you also have a copy of the Regulations. Copies of the Act and Regulations can be purchased from: Crown Publications

It is important to note that the Regulations may change from time to time. Therefore, all strata owners should obtain an up to date version of the Regulations.

Bare Land Strata Plan Cancellation Regulation
Bare Land Strata Regulations
Consolidated Strata Property Act
Schedule of Standard Bylaws
Strata Property Regulation
Strata Property Regulation: Forms


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