Pension Plans


Please forward Forms 1 - 4 to your pension plan administrator, employer, savings institution or insurance company holding your pension funds. You may contact your plan administrator or financial institution for assistance to complete your form

Prescribed Forms

Form 1
Spouse´s Waiver to Permit Unlocking
Form 2
Spouse´s Waiver of 60% Lifetime Survivor Benefit
Form 3
Spouse´s Consent to Transfer to a LIF
Form 4
Spouse´s Waiver of Beneficiary Right
Form 5
Administrator Statement of Compliance - Plan Registration
Form 6
Administrator Statement of Compliance - Amendment to Plan Text Document
Form 7
Administrator Statement of Compliance - Supporting Plan Document
Locked-In Retirement Account
BC Life Income Fund

Fillable Forms

Application to Unlock and Withdraw B.C. Funds Due to Financial Hardship
Application for Inclusion on a List of Acknowledged Financial Institutions
Schedule of Expected Contributions
Application of Amendment to a Supporting Plan Document
Application for Registration of a Pension Plan
Application for Registration of an Amendment to a Pension Plan
Notice of Unremitted Contributions or Contributions Less than Expected
Annual Pension Reports and User Guides 
Administrators are required to file annually with the Superintendent of Pensions returns containing certain information about the pension plan.
Annual Pension Report:
The returns are required to be filed within 180 days after the end of each fiscal year of the plan (or within 60 days after the commencement of a winding up of the plan).
Actuarial Information Summary:
The AIS form is required to be filed concurrently with the filing of any actuarial valuation report (the report). It must be completed and certified by a signing actuary for the report.
Please refer to the Annual Pensions Reporting System user guide and the Actuarial Information Summary user guide for more information.
Application for Solvency Moratorium 
Please refer to the instruction guide for more information about completing the Application for Solvency Moratorium .

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