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Number   Subject
REDMA-11-01 Guidelines on Publication of Orders and Notices of Hearing on the Internet(198kb~pdf)
REDMA-08-01 Purchasing Development Property Located Outside British Columbia (March 25, 2008)(194kb~pdf)
REDMA-07-04 Superintendent's Orders to Enforce Nine Month Marketing Period under Policy Statement 5 (Development Approval) and Policy Statement 6 (Financing)(175kb~pdf)
REDMA-07-03 Additional Disclosure Requirements: Policy Statement 14 (“PRE-SALE” Units); and Policy Statement 15 (Developer's Background and Conflicts of Interest)(209kb~pdf)
REDMA-07-02 Risks Associated With Purchasing “PRE-SALE” Residential Units(205kb~pdf)
REDMA-07-01 Development Properties Located Outside British Columbia(196kb~pdf)
REDMA-06-01 Fees Payable Under the Real Estate Development Marketing Act(231kb~pdf)
RESA-05-01 Manufactured Home Dealers Licensing Requirement Under The RESA(174kb~pdf)
REA-04-03 Publication Of Policy Statements (210kb~pdf)


Real Estate Development Marketing Act (In Force January 1, 2005)

Policy Statement  #1 - Strata Lots - (includes Form 1) (.PDF file | .DOC file)
Policy Statement  #2 - Bare Land Strata Lots - (includes Form 2) (.PDF file | .DOC file)
Policy Statement  #3 - Subdivision Lots - (includes Form 3) (.PDF file | .DOC file)
Policy Statement  #4 - Adequate Arrangements - Title (.PDF file | .DOC file)
Amended Policy Statement #5 Effective January 30, 2008 - Early Marketing - Development Approval (.PDF file | .DOC file)
Amended Policy Statement #6 Effective January 30, 2008 - Adequate Arrangements - Utilities and Services (.PDF file | .DOC file)
Policy Statement  #7 - Signing Disclosure Statements - hc (.PDF file | .DOC file)
Policy Statement  #8 - Time Share Interests - (includes Forms 8A and 8B) (.PDF file | .DOC file)
Policy Statement  #9 - Leasehold Units - (includes Form 9) (.PDF file | .DOC file)
Policy Statement  #10 - Cooperative Interests - (includes Form 10) (.PDF file | .DOC file)
Policy Statement  #11 - Shared Interests in Land - (includes Form 11) (.PDF file | .DOC file)
Policy Statement  #12 - Transitional Form and Content (.PDF file | .DOC file)
Policy Statement  #13 - Real Estate Securities (.PDF file | .DOC file)
Policy Statement  #14 - Development Property not yet Completed (.PDF file | .DOC file)
Policy Statement  #15 - Developer's Background and Conflicts of Interest (.PDF file | .DOC file)
Form of Undertaking - Amended Policy Statements 5 and 6 (.PDF file | .DOC file)
Form of Undertaking - General (.PDF file | .DOC file)
Sample Disclosure Statement Amendment (.PDF file | .DOC file)
Superintendent of Real Estate's Office, Seminar Materials



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