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Organizational Structure

The Role of the Superintendent and CEO and Staff of FICOM

Day-to-day regulatory and operational decisions are administered by the Superintendent and CEO and approximately 90 staff hired under the Public Service Act.

The Superintendent and CEO serves in several official capacities, including Superintendent of Financial Institutions, Superintendent of Pensions, Superintendent of Real Estate, Registrar of Mortgage Brokers and CEO of the Credit Union Deposit Insurance Corporation (CUDIC) under the corresponding legislation.

FICOM staff work in four core business areas: Credit Unions and Trusts, Insurance, Pensions, Real Estate and Mortgage Brokers. Support services are provided to the core business areas by Administrative Services, Financial Services and the CEO's Office.

Carolyn Rogers, CEO of FICOM

Ms. Rogers holds an undergraduate degree in Economics from Brandon University and MBA from Queen´s University. She is also a certified management accountant

Prior to joining the Public Service, Rogers worked in the financial services sector. She held a number of progressively senior roles in the Canadian Credit Union System and before that, at Royal Bank of Canada. In 2005 Rogers left financial services to work for an environmental technology company based in Victoria, B.C. She served as the company´s Chief Financial Officer and was appointed by the board to CEO in July 2006.

Rogers also spent some time in private consulting practice where her focus was on financial and operational restructuring and transformation projects for small and mid-size private companies as well as the public sector.

Rogers joined the Provincial Government in April of 2009 when she was appointed as Assistant Deputy Minister at the BC Public Service Agency. Shortly after that, in June of 2010, she was appointed to her current role of Chief Executive Officer, Financial Institutions Commission and Superintendent of Financial Institutions, Pensions, Insurance, Real Estate and Registrar of Mortgage Brokers.

Role of the Financial Institutions Commission

The Commission exercises powers and carries out duties assigned to it under the Financial Institutions Act (FIA) and the Credit Union Incorporation Act (CUIA) relating to the regulation and supervision of provincially licensed insurance companies, trust companies and credit unions. Through the exercise of FIA and CUIA powers, the Commission makes major regulatory decisions regarding incorporations, business authorizations, amalgamations, liquidations and windups.

The Lieutenant Governor in Council appoints between 2 and 11 Commission Members under the provisions of the FIA and CUIA. As an ex officio Member of the Commission, the Deputy Minister (or his designate) participates in the Commission´s exercise of its powers and carrying out of its duties under the FIA.

Helen R. del Val - Commission Chair

Ms. del Val attended the University of British Columbia and was awarded the University Medal in Arts and Science for graduating with the highest standing in the Arts Faculty. In addition to her Bachelor of Arts in Linguistics, Ms. del Val also holds her Bachelor of Laws from the University of British Columbia.

Ms. del Val is the former Regional Commissioner representing the regions of British Columbia and the Yukon for the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC). Immediately before her appointment, she practiced law with the Vancouver firm of Koffman Kalef. Prior to that, Ms. del Val was Senior Counsel at BC TEL and an Associate at Bull Housser & Tupper. Committed to community service, Ms. del Val served as a Director Vancouver´s Chinese Cultural Centre, a Director of S.U.C.C.E.S.S. (United Chinese Community Enrichment Services Society), Treasurer of St. Pius X School Education Committee, and a Director of Wen Wei Dance Society. She currently serves as a member of the Health Professions Review Board and the Financial Institutions Commission of British Columbia

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